by Chiro on June 18, 2010

Foot pain can affect every aspect of your life. If it hurts to walk, it’s hard to go to work, hard to shop, and you may have a hard time exercising to maintain your weight.

Unfortunately, foot pain is commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated by the medical profession. Fortunately, your neighborhood chiropractors, Drs Jeffrey Roistacher and William McKenna have the expertise to properly diagnose and treat most causes of foot pain.

Foot pain can have a variety of causes and therefore requires a variety of treatments.

The most common causes of foot pain are:

Plantar fasciitis Fallen arches
Bunions Corns
Heel spurs Strains/sprains

Chiropractors are specially trained to find the exact cause of your pain. Medical doctors are trained to treat the symptoms of physical problems. This distinction is vital for you to understand, in order for you to make an intelligent decision concerning your health. For example, if you have foot pain caused by fallen arches, a medical doctor will either prescribe pain killers to cover-up the pain or prescribe arch supports to hold up the fallen arches. Fallen arches are usually not caused by a lack of pain killers or a lack of plastic arch supports. Most often fallen arches are caused by weakened muscles in the bottom of the foot, or subluxated bones in the middle of the foot.

A visit to your neighborhood chiropractors will involve a thorough examination of the foot, the lower extremities and the spinal column. Once the cause of your fallen arches is determined, then a specific treatment program will be instituted to remove the cause of your fallen arches. Depending on the cause of your problem, this treatment may include adjusting the foot, knee or lower back, exercises to improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles of the foot, and maybe therapeutic massage to improve flexibility and function of the arch. All chiropractic treatment is aimed at removing the cause of the problem.

For information on how chiropractors treat foot pain or any other physical problem that you may be experiencing, please contact the office of Drs. McKenna and Roistacher. They will be happy to discuss your problem with you and get to the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms.
The chiropractic philosophy has always been to remove the cause of the physical problems and allow the body to heal itself, as it was designed to do.

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